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Famous People Who Died of Alcoholism List of Celebrity Alcoholism Deaths

celebrities who died of alcoholism

Let us be your guide and provide you the environment needed to regain control of your life and begin the path to recovery. Alcohol was first given to her by a doctor to help her sleep but only in little quantities. Soon, the doctor’s restrictions didn’t matter and Kumari was frequently drinking herself to sleep. Take back control of your life and start on the road to recovery now. Amy broke into the music world at age 16 when a classmate passed her demo tape to a record label.

However, one constant is that Kumari turned to alcohol as a crutch to ease suffering. Connolly’s death also offers a gentle reminder that there are diseases and organ failure that are related to alcoholism. While alcohol in small quantities may not be able to bring about organ failure, prolonged use definitely can. After a few bands, Connolly would eventually team up with another singer from a former band and form The Sweet. At first, the band wasn’t as successful and was barely scraping by, until the addition of Andy Scott. Soon after, the sweet found success, and at the face of it all was Brian Connolly.

Former actor William Holden, whose golden years were during the 1950s, was a heavy drinker whose antics affected his professional and personal life. John Bonham was an English musician best known for the being the drummer of Led Zeppelin. The list you’re viewing has a variety of people in it, like George Best and Guy Burgess.

He graduated from Centreville High School in 1987, where a plaque was dedicated to him in 2003. Amy was a gifted actress and singer, and by age 16, she was performing with jazz groups. The toxicology report showed that when Dunn crashed his blood alcohol level was over twice the legal limit.

However, once she was able to overcome this shyness, the band’s music reached new heights. She would go on to have massive success both with the band and as a solo artist. At one point in the mid-1990s, despite being in her mid-twenties, O’Riordan was one of the wealthiest women in the UK. One such incident saw Reed attacked with a broken bottle and severely injured on his face.

Meena Kumari’s Death

Years of drinking and alcoholism culminated in organ failures and multiple heart attacks which resulted in his death. After a prior heart attack, he was hospitalized but didn’t wish to remain in the hospital and was discharged himself. David had a complicated marital life until he finally divorced in 2016. He officially made his struggles with alcohol addiction and drug abuse public in 2008. He was later charged with a series of DUI offenses and entered rehab in 2014.

  1. Alcohol was always a part of Moore’s life from the day he started performing professionally till the day he died.
  2. The amount of alcohol found in his blood after toxicology was said to be more than eight times the legal limit for blood alcohol levels.
  3. Soon, the doctor’s restrictions didn’t matter and Kumari was frequently drinking herself to sleep.

She was critically acclaimed as well as loved by audiences for her performances, some of which have been deemed unforgettable. Reed claimed he had drunk 106 pints of beer during this period and was still able to wed his bride shortly after. With Reed’s alcohol exploits, it was a miracle his death due to alcohol didn’t occur sooner. In addition to his acting, Reed also found success in music, where he had various singles some of which were wildly popular.

Jason Molina’s Death

Alcoholism is more than simply a lack of self control; today, it is considered an all out addictive disorder. Peer pressure, whether from colleagues, friends, or the general public, is known to have a huge impact on the development of alcoholism or drug abuse. There aren’t any reports that describe O’Riordan as a drunk or someone who battled with alcoholism.

celebrities who died of alcoholism

List of famous people who died of alcoholism, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This list of celebrities who died from alcoholism includes information like the victim’s hometown and other biographical information when available. Unfortunately many famous people’s lives have been cut short because of alcoholism, including actors, musicians and athletes.

This would leave him injured, affecting his singing, causing the band members to act. It would result in him losing his standing in the band, being relegated and excluded from decision making. He would handle this by drinking further which would only see things worsen. O’Riordan was said to have accidentally drowned in her hotel room’s bathtub after being intoxicated with alcohol. The official result showed she had more than the legal limit of alcohol in her blood.

Famous figures who died of alcoholism

He died at the age of 58 in 1984 owing to an intracerebral haemorrhage. The ‘Sullivan’s Travels’ (1941) actress died in 1973 at the age of 50. She was very successful initially, but her career quickly declined, in part due to her drinking. His actual death was sudden, but his health had been declining for many years due to alcoholism. Actor and comedian Verne Troyer, well known for playing Mini-Me in the ‘Austin Powers’ film series, died at the age of 49 in 2018.

However, Winehouse’s erratic behavior, tempestuous love life, drug abuse, and alcoholism cut short her ever-blooming music career. At first, she seemed to be getting better and recovering, leading to a return to work, though doctors didn’t support the decision. The autopsy confirmed she died from liver cirrhosis, which was induced by her alcohol consumption.

This is because it has the potential to damage every organ in the body, including the brain, which can eventually lead to other psychiatric disorders. Celebrity deaths are always heartbreaking, but losing notable stars to alcoholism is no different. A celebrity is in the public eye most of the time and not all of them can handle the pressures that come with it. Alcohol and drugs are readily available in these circles, which could prompt any celebrity to turn to alcoholism.

Nonetheless, it was possible she used alcohol to cope with some of the rigors and pressure of celebrity life. She even revealed that at one point she had attempted to take her life by overdosing on pills. The attempt was however unsuccessful and she moved on, determined to live on. It doesn’t seem like there were more reports of other incidents that would leave the people around her concerned. Amy Winehouse was born on 14th September 1983 in London, England, and died on 23rd July 2011. She was a British singer and songwriter who came to the limelight after having a multiple Grammy Award-winning album Back to Black in 2006.