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How Long Does A Heroin High Last? Effects & Comedown

how long does a heroin high last

It is incredibly important that anyone going through the process of heroin addiction treatment begins with a period of detox. Spring Hill Recovery Center provides residential treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. However, some conditions may require treatment beyond our capabilities, and we reserve the right to medically discharge a patient for a higher level of mental health care. At Spring Hill Recovery Center, we work with nearby detox centers in Massachusetts to coordinate a smooth transition from heroin detox into one of our addiction treatment programs. After the first 20 to 30 minutes, people who use heroin may continue to feel drowsy, mentally foggy, have slow breathing and reduced heart rate.

how long does a heroin high last

Addiction recovery centers are usually recommended for overcoming any type of opioid drug use disorder, even though the withdrawal symptoms are not considered life-threatening. Heroin produces a potent high followed by physical effects that last for several hours. When people shoot heroin, the most intense euphoric effects begin within seven or eight seconds. Injecting the drug directly into muscle creates a high within about five to eight minutes. Smoking heroin causes a surge of euphoria within 10 to 15 minutes. With a half-life of just three minutes, heroin is rarely detectable in body fluids.

Withdrawal alone is enough to cause someone to relapse, which can be fatal. Alcohol remains one of the most widely used substances globally, with its impact on health and society being a subject of continuous study and concern. All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional. If you feel that any of our content is inaccurate, out-of-date, or otherwise questionable, please contact at Heroin cutting agents are often used during the manufacturing process.

How Long Does Heroin High last?

Heroin is an addictive drug that can cause a powerful rush of happiness and calmness within a few seconds to a few minutes after use. Heroin users describe the sensation as warmth and safety when they’re under the influence. This is why the drug is so appealing to those in unsafe surroundings, like the homeless.

Then, for several hours, you feel as if the world has slowed down. People who regularly use heroin may develop physical dependence and become psychologically addicted. This can make it difficult to stop taking heroin without professional help. Some hair tests can detect drugs for a much longer period of time than saliva or urine, in some cases up to several years after last use. Traces of heroin use can usually be detected in your hair for up to 90 days depending on hair length.

The U.S. opioid overdose death rate rose by 14% from 2020 to 2021. Some of these deaths happen because heroin is laced with other drugs, such as the powerful painkiller fentanyl. Fentanyl has become one of the leading contributors to overdose deaths in the U.S. Someone who smokes heroin might not experience the effects for several minutes, and someone who snorts it could feel the effects immediately. However, someone who injects the drug will feel the rush instantly. Again, the length of time it lasts will depend on the user’s tolerance and quality of the drug.

  1. These symptoms can last for a week or more depending on the severity of the person’s addiction.
  2. Someone dealing with an injury and can’t get proper medication for their illness will resort to the drug.
  3. For long-term users or those with a heavy heroin dependency, withdrawal symptoms can last for 10 days or more.
  4. Medications can make it easier to wean your body off heroin and reduce cravings.
  5. This intense feeling of euphoria can arise within seconds to a few minutes after injection and may last for several minutes.

Opioids are used to treat chronic and severe pain, so it makes sense why someone will seek out heroin to reduce pain. The first few times it’s used, it can provide exceptional pain-relieving effects. Someone dealing with an injury and can’t get proper medication for their illness will resort to the drug. A heroin high causes a change in feelings, thoughts, and sensations, which are caused by the drug’s effects on the nervous system and in our brain. Other changes will depend on the expectation of someone taking it and their personal background.

False Feelings

This pattern can rapidly escalate into physical dependence and tolerance, where higher doses are needed for the same effect, increasing the risk of addiction and overdose. The duration of a heroin high varies, typically lasting for a few minutes to several hours. The initial euphoric rush is brief, often peaking within minutes, especially if injected, followed by a few hours of a drowsy, sedated state.

how long does a heroin high last

People who are addicted to heroin need to take increasingly higher doses to achieve the desired euphoric effects. However, many people who are dependent on the drug take it to avoid uncomfortable heroin withdrawal symptoms rather than to get high. The fleeting nature of heroin’s enjoyable effects often drives users to consume it more frequently, trying to maintain the euphoria and deepening their addiction. The powerful addictive qualities of the drug, combined with the user’s aim to replicate the short-lived high, highlight the grave nature of heroin addiction. Alongside the euphoric effects, heroin users experience numerous physical sensations, including a warm flushing of the skin, dry mouth and a heavy feeling in the arms and legs. For those with a history of trauma, long-term emotional issues, chronic pain, or a disadvantaged lifestyle, heroin addiction is a serious threat.

Effects Of A Heroin High

Also known as “smack,” heroin can cause health problems that include depression and heroin addiction. As was mentioned above, there’s a high degree of comorbidity and substance use. Getting therapy to address these physical or emotional issues can help if you’ve developed an addiction. Avoiding the use of drugs for self-medication purposes will help you build a better life and healthily work through the issues. These symptoms can last for a week or more depending on the severity of the person’s addiction.

What Is Heroin?

Heroin is one of the contributing factors behind the opioid crisis the United States faces. The current estimates show that opioids like heroin take 128 lives each year. Between 1999 and 2018, more than 67,300 Americans lost their lives from drug-involved overdose.

However, detection times in the system can vary based on several factors like the amount used, frequency of use, individual metabolism, and the type of test used. This intense feeling of euphoria can arise within seconds to a few minutes after injection and may last for several minutes. The heroin high is noted for its quick onset but brief duration. The euphoric stage, particularly following intravenous use, can reach its peak within minutes and might persist for a few hours.