Author: James Anderson

How to Stage an Intervention for Alcoholism

how to do an intervention for an alcoholic

Have a plan in place as soon as your loved one is willing to get help. Include a few options, depending on the level of care that they need. Ask your doctor or an addiction specialist if you’re not sure where to start. Once every member of the intervention team has had a chance to speak, the addict should be presented with detailed suggestions for a treatment plan.

  1. Not only will it help them learn about alcohol treatment options available, it will also show the support and love they have from those closest to them.
  2. Depending on the severity of their AUD, different types of therapy may be recommended.
  3. However, giving up alcohol for good and accepting a life of sobriety is the only way some people are able to move past addiction.
  4. Once every member of the intervention team has had a chance to speak, the addict should be presented with detailed suggestions for a treatment plan.

If you are planning to hold an intervention with a loved one, your next question may be what their alcohol addiction treatment program will consist of and what it will be like. Several types of treatment programs for alcohol use disorders (AUD) are available. is a subsidiary of American Addiction Centers (AAC), a nationwide provider of addiction treatment. AAC’s treatment team of doctors, therapists, and other treatment professionals will tailor your loved one’s recovery treatment plans to offer them a comprehensive approach to manage their alcohol use disorder. When discussing treatment centers with your loved one, let them know that you will be there to support and encourage them every step of the way. Remind your loved one about the happier times in their life when alcohol didn’t control their emotions and health.

What Is An Alcohol Intervention?

For instance, family members may explain how their loved one’s excessive drinking has resulted in damaged relationships or unmet needs. This can be difficult for someone to hear and may produce a sense of sadness, anxiety, or even anger. Although it’s not always easy, the sooner you intervene, the better the chances for a successful recovery.

how to do an intervention for an alcoholic

The success of any alcohol treatment and rehabilitation program rests on the willingness of the alcoholic to engage voluntarily with the processes and procedures to achieve sober living. Get professional help from an addiction and mental health counselor from BetterHelp. Use the information you find to start putting a plan in place about what to discuss and who to include in the intervention. Every intervention is unique, so you can change things to make it personal and relatable for your loved one. Most planned interventions—in which family members, friends and other attendees are fully educated and trained for the situation—are highly successful. On average, about 90 percent of loved ones struggling with an AUD will commit to getting treatment after an intervention.

For the best chance of having a successful alcohol intervention, you should spend time collecting information and gathering your thoughts. This is an important conversation for everyone involved, and therefore, should be carefully planned. It’s a chance for you to talk to your loved one about their drinking habits. Facing an alcohol addiction can be a very lonely, scary proposition. Seeing how many friends and relatives are willing to offer support may just be the boost of encouragement the addict needs to begin their turnaround. We’ll be able to tell you if your insurance provider is in network with an American Addiction Centers treatment facility.

Alcohol Intervention Goals

You can choose a place outside your house, but make sure that you will have privacy and can conduct the meeting without attracting undue attention.

how to do an intervention for an alcoholic

No matter the outcome of the intervention, it’s important to be patient and stick with your plans to render consequences. This may help the person with the addiction realize the impact their drinking has on friends and loved ones, and may encourage them to eventually seek treatment. The perspective intervention team should attempt to find a professional interventionist who is qualified to assist them with the intervention. When interviewing perspective interventionists, the team should ask about the credentials of the interventionist. Professional interventionists have different certifications depending on the state they are in.

How to Plan an Intervention for Alcoholism

First and foremost, you should research and learn as much as possible about AUDs, interventions and types of treatment. This will help you understand the effects of alcohol, such as how it affects your loved one’s physical and emotional well-being. Before staging an alcohol intervention with your loved one, be sure to think about what you will say and who will be involved.

They spend their energies planning how to procure the next drink and live their lives one drink at a time. While professional help is not required for an intervention to take place, it’s helpful to have a moderator that can keep the conversation on track. An alcohol counselor or medical professional will be able to guide you in your preparations before the meeting with your loved one. For example, they can assist you in determining the specific situations to bring up and how to explain them. If you have health insurance, the law requires providers to offer substance use treatment. Check with your provider about which doctors and facilities are covered and for how long, and what you will pay for.

If the conversation gets heated at any given time, take a moment to regain your thoughts. Getting worked up or frustrated will only worsen the situation and make your loved one feel defensive. This is why many professionals recommend practicing what you will say or writing it down ahead of time in order to keep the conversation on topic. Reach out to a treatment provider for free today for immediate assistance. Speak up when you first notice alcohol is causing trouble in their life.