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The Ultimate Guide to Alcohol Recovery Books

best alcohol recovery books

We provide a healthy environment uniquely suited to facilitate your growth and healing. Take back control of your life and start on the road to recovery now. Even when prescribed, many people have found themselves unintentionally addicted to valium. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the things you need to know about valium addiction. Dove “Birdie” Randolph is doing her best to be a perfect daughter.

best alcohol recovery books

This is a lesser known series of essays on the intersection of alcohol and womanhood. The author, Kristi Coulter, engages the reader with her deep insight and quick wit. This combination makes her story heartening, funny, and thought-provoking at the same time. Coulter shares her struggles with alcohol use and also the challenges of getting sober. This Naked Mind by Annie Grace is a groundbreaking self-help book that offers a new and positive solution for those struggling with alcohol dependence.

Originally published in 1952, this book remains a classic and popular resource for AA members worldwide. The book outlines the principles of AA’s 12-step program and the Traditions that maintain the fellowship’s unity. This book is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand the AA way of life and maintain sobriety.

Fiction Books About Alcoholism

Cat Marnell’s “How to Murder Your Life” is a story about Cat Marnell, a girl from a wealthy and strict family, who becomes a beauty editor in New York City. She tells about all these issues and how her addiction destroyed the life she was building before. We asked addiction experts and people in recovery to share the titles they found most useful. These alcoholics have no wish to be defined by their failed substance induced endeavors. Although alcoholism can never be cured but only treated, sobriety helps recovered alcoholics believe that it will never be an issue again. Valium is a commonly prescribed drug for a variety of conditions, most usually anxiety or ADHD.

  1. If you struggle with anything related to body image, you won’t regret this read.
  2. Holly Whitaker, in her own path to recovery, discovered the insidious ways the alcohol industry targets women and the patriarchal methods of recovery.
  3. With her own personal story at the heart of the book, Grace provides readers with surprising insight into the reasons we drink and how to remove the psychological dependence on alcohol.
  4. Dr. Maté shares the powerful insight that substance use is, in many cases, a survival mechanism.

This book offers inspiration for alcohol-free drinks and activities, and tangible tips on how to navigate a month (or beyond!) without alcohol. Through reading this book I came to better understand myself, my body’s physical reactions, and my mental health. It’s a tough book to read due to the descriptions of horrific traumas people have experienced, however it’s inspirational in its message of hope. Van der Kolk describes our inner resilience to manage the worst of life’s circumstances with our innate survival instinct.

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Unfortunately, it is commonly misused, which can lead to addiction. If you worry that you or a loved one have developed a valium addiction, we’ve written this article to help you recognize and handle the issue. Cupcake Brown was 11 when she was orphaned and placed into foster care. She grew up with a tragic journey, running away and becoming exposed to alcohol, drugs, and sex at a young age, and leaning on those vices to get by. A Piece of Cake is her gripping tale of crashing down to the bottom and crawling back to the top.

best alcohol recovery books

He is an inveterate reading lover as he has read a vast amount of books since childhood. This book is Paula’s personal narrative of dealing with her own son’s addiction. This is an up-close and personal point of view about what it is like to have a child going through this. The struggle she has, the decisions she has to make, the heartstrings that get pulled on, the other siblings, and how to balance all that in. If you are a parent or a close person of someone struggling, this book should be really helpful.

She started sneaking sips from her parents’ wine glasses as a kid, and went through adolescence drinking more and more. By the time she was an adult in a big city, all she did was drink. Blackout is her poignant story of alcoholism and those many missing hours that disappeared when she had just enough to drink to wipe out her memory. Hepola gets through the darkest parts of her story with self-deprecating humor and a keen eye on what she was burying by drinking. I recently came to terms with my own problematic relationship with alcohol, and my one solace has been in books. I’ve dug into memoir after memoir, tiptoed into the hard science books, and enjoyed the fiction from afar.

The Ultimate Guide to Alcohol Recovery Books

It might seem that addiction is behind when a person is in stage two of recovery. However, the new life has just begun and a person needs some guidance on how to rebuild their life. This is where this book will be a lifesaver for both the individuals in the recovery process and their family and friends. This author has written numerous books and has years of education and experience in the field of counseling and improving interpersonal relationships.

Work events, brunch, baby showers, book club, hair salons—the list of where to find booze is endless. Holly Whitaker, in her own path to recovery, discovered the insidious ways the alcohol industry targets women and the patriarchal methods of recovery. Ever the feminist, she found that women and other oppressed people don’t need the tenets of Alcoholics Anonymous, but a deeper understanding of their own identities. Quit Like a Woman is her informative and relatable guidebook to breaking an addiction to alcohol. This is a self-help book by a licensed therapist that braids together anonymized client stories, personal narrative, psychological tools, and brain research.

It is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand the A.A. This section is a heartfelt collection of personal journeys through addiction and recovery. These books, ranging from raw and revealing memoirs to enlightening ‘Quit Lit,’ offer intimate glimpses into the authors’ battles with alcohol. Readers who appreciate real-life stories of struggle, resilience, and redemption will find these narratives both moving and motivational.

More than anything, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts provides a voice of kind generosity and understanding to anyone who is looking to learn more for themselves or a loved one. The new research shows that it takes at least two weeks for the brain to start returning to normal, so this is the point at which the alcohol recovery timeline begins. Until the brain has recovered, it is less able so suppress the urge to drink. This is because the alcohol has impaired the brains cognitive ability. This can be a difficult journey, but you don’t have to go it alone.

Whether you are just starting your recovery journey or have been sober for years, these books can offer inspiration and guidance along the way. Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as the Big Book, is a cornerstone concept of recovery from alcoholism. It provides personal stories of men and women who have successfully overcome the disease and serves as a guide for newcomers seeking recovery. The fourth edition includes new stories that offer contemporary sharing for those seeking sobriety in the 21st century. The book has been approved by the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous and has distributed over 21 million copies worldwide.