Author: James Anderson

Wellbutrin Detox: Timeline And Withdrawal Symptoms

how to wean off wellbutrin

The safest way to stop taking antidepressants is to slowly taper down your dose. Working with your doctor, you can reduce your dose over the course of one or two weeks. Wellbutrin withdrawal symptoms aren’t common, but those who experience them may become agitated and irritable.

If bothersome or severe withdrawal symptoms develop, your healthcare provider should be notified. In general, it is recommended to slowly taper antidepressant drugs over at least a few weeks when discontinuing them. This is to prevent, or at the very least decrease the severity of, potential withdrawal symptoms. Wellbutrin-induced anxiety is usually transient and may last a few days to a couple of weeks after starting the medication.

Moreover, a history of misusing Wellbutrin for its amphetamine-like effects can also affect the process of getting off Wellbutrin. Download our comprehensive eBook now for insights, strategies, and real-life stories to guide your journey to recovery. ADHD, a common neurobiological condition, features behavioral and cognitive symptoms like inattention, impulsivity, and/or excessive activity. It often comes with psychiatric comorbidities and links to educational and occupational underachievement. We’ve tried, tested, and written unbiased reviews of the best online therapy programs including Talkspace, BetterHelp, and ReGain.

Withdrawal can occur when individuals discontinue the medication, either as part of a prescribed treatment plan or after the abuse of the drug. Marketed as Zyban, Bupropion is a significant pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation in the Western world over the past decade. Unlike other smoking cessation pharmacotherapies, it constitutes a non-nicotine treatment. By reducing withdrawal symptoms and cravings, it assists individuals in overcoming nicotine dependence. Like all antidepressants, it offers many potential benefits but doesn’t work for everyone.

How to Wean Off Your Antidepressants

The content of this article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis, or treatment. You should always contact your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional before starting, changing, or stopping any kind of health treatment. If depression or anxiety recurs after stopping an antidepressant, it is often a gradual process that slowly worsens over time. In contrast, symptoms related to antidepressant withdrawal tend to occur quickly (days rather than weeks) and slowly improve over time. Discontinuation symptoms can be very similar to the anxiety or depression symptoms that prompted you to take the medication in the first place.

Doctors often recommend tapering off Wellbutrin gradually, especially for those who have been taking a high dose of Wellbutrin for a long time. ✔️ Stopping any drug, including Wellbutrin, all at once isn’t recommended. Consider talking to a doctor before making any adjustments to the amount of Wellbutrin you’re taking. The length of Wellbutrin withdrawal, or the amount of time it takes to fully detox, may be longer for people who have been taking Wellbutrin for years. The timeline for how long it takes to detox from Wellbutrin can vary from person to person.

how to wean off wellbutrin

Some estimates suggest that at least one in five people who stop taking an antidepressant abruptly experience these symptoms. Yes, it is generally recommended to taper off 150 mg Wellbutrin gradually under the guidance of a healthcare professional. Abrupt discontinuation may lead to withdrawal symptoms and tapering helps minimize potential side effects.

Wellbutrin Withdrawal Syndrome

And if you are not in psychotherapy, find a therapist in the directory and schedule some appointments. After your Wellbutrin taper, any long-term treatment will be directed toward treating the condition that led you to take Wellbutrin in the first place. If you are struggling with depression, your doctor may want to switch you to an SSRI that you haven’t tried before or suggest other options.

  1. Wellbutrin, a brand name for bupropion, is a prescription antidepressant.
  2. Nancy has a lifetime of experience with depression, experiencing firsthand how devastating this illness can be.
  3. Abrupt discontinuation may lead to withdrawal symptoms and tapering helps minimize potential side effects.
  4. Bupropion is the only approved antidepressant with this chemical capacity.

Only trained and licensed medical professionals can provide such services. If you or anyone you know is undergoing a severe health crisis, call a doctor or 911 immediately. While the therapeutic benefits of Wellbutrin are well-documented, the discontinuation of this medication may, for some individuals, result in Wellbutrin withdrawal symptoms. Wellbutrin is different in that it doesn’t have a major effect on serotonin. Rather, it affects the levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenaline.

These medications adjust the balance of brain chemicals that may be causing  depressive symptoms. Wellbutrin (Bupropion) is a frequently prescribed antidepressant medication. Going off of Wellbutrin may be the right solution in some instances but it may lead to Wellbutrin withdrawal symptoms.

Aid to Quit Smoking

Unlike withdrawal from opioids, alcohol, or other types of antidepressants (e.g. SSRIs), physical symptoms of withdrawal after stopping Wellbutrin are not commonly reported. Wellbutrin has a low risk for physical dependence and severe withdrawal if taken as prescribed by a doctor. This syndrome arises due to the adjustments the body and brain undergo when the medication is removed, leading to a temporary state of imbalance.

How Long Does Wellbutrin Withdrawal Last?

Wellbutrin can be incredibly helpful for people living with depression as well as some other conditions, such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). You nor your loved one are under any obligation to commit to an Ark Behavioral Health treatment program when calling our helpline. Detox may become dangerous if you try to stop taking Wellbutrin cold-turkey or without first seeking medical guidance from a health care professional.

Wellbutrin works for about 20% of those who try it for smoking cessation. To find a treatment program, browse the top-rated addiction treatment facilities in each state by visiting our homepage, or by viewing the SAMHSA Treatment Services Locator. We do not receive any compensation or commission for referrals to other treatment facilities. This type of intensive program isn’t typically needed for managing Wellbutrin withdrawal.

If you recently quit smoking, your nicotine cravings may return, although they’re likely to be milder than if you hadn’t taken Wellbutrin. You may not notice withdrawal symptoms until a few days after stopping Wellbutrin. This may be because the medication can stay in your system for up to about 4 or 5 days after taking your last dose. The half-life of a drug refers to the time at which half of the medication is eliminated from your body and half remains. In general, drugs with short half-lives require a longer tapering period compared with drugs with long half-lives.