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Xanax Dosage: Form, Strengths, How to Take, and More

how to inject xanax

Join 40,000+ People Who Receive Our Newsletter Get valuable resources on addiction, recovery, wellness, and our treatments delivered directly to your inbox. Xanax addiction is a significant problem that requires professional treatment. Thankfully, there are many treatment options available that can help people struggling with addiction to Xanax. As tolerance to the drug builds, people may take larger doses to achieve the same effects.

  1. Second, make sure to carefully measure the correct dosage of xanax before injecting it, as taking too much can lead to dangerous side effects.
  2. Of all the methods of taking Xanax, injecting the drug is likely the most dangerous.
  3. Then, take the syringe and insert the needle into the vial of Xanax.

To prevent further harm, abscesses must be drained by medical professionals. Upon injection, the Xanax particles can easily cause blockages, cutting off blood flow, and eventually leading to tissue death and the possibility of amputation. Due to its effects on the central nervous system, Xanax and other benzos like Ativan and Valium, can be habit-forming. People who participate in therapy following a successful detox are more likely to complete their treatment programs and maintain positive treatment outcomes once the programs are over. To reduce your chances of experiencing any of the above risks, researchers recommend limiting your Xanax use to one month. Continuous use beyond this period exposes you to unnecessary health risks.

Xanax Methods Of Abuse

We publish material that is researched, cited, edited and reviewed by licensed medical professionals. The information we provide is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers.

how to inject xanax

If your doctor recommends Xanax for you, they’ll prescribe the dosage that’s right for you. When you stop taking Xanax, your doctor will likely have you decrease your dose slowly. The information below describes dosages that are commonly used or recommended.

Alprazolam overdose can occur if a regular dose is administered in a way that will flood the body and distribute it all at once. Rather than allowing the drug to gradually take effect, injecting Xanax sends it into the bloodstream and up into the brain in one moment, not giving the body enough time to process it. People may take or be prescribed Xanax by a medical professional to treat conditions like Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), panic disorders, and insomnia. Like other benzos, Xanax works by activating the neurotransmitter GABA, which inhibits or blocks neural activity in the brain.

There’s no recommended Xanax dosage for children, though doctors sometimes prescribe the drug off-label for them. This means the drug is released slowly into your body over a period of time. If you inject too much xanax, you may experience severe drowsiness, confusion, and difficulty breathing. Our addiction treatment programs are designed to help your body and mind fight addiction, and you will have scientifically backed support for as long as you need. This prescription drug is only considered safe when it is carefully monitored and dosed by a qualified physician. If you’re fortunate, it will only affect you for a short period of time, but more than 50% of those infected will develop a chronic infection.

Why Do People Abuse Xanax?

Xanax is a prescription, brand-name drug with the generic name alprazolam. It belongs to a larger class of prescription drugs called benzodiazepines or benzos. Benzos are intended to treat anxiety and panic disorders, and they’re among the most commonly prescribed drugs in the U.S.

Xanax abuse can involve different routes of administration, each with its own dangers. There are not just the risks of shooting up Xanax specifically to consider. People choosing to take the drug intravenously must dissolve it in alcohol, which is even more dangerous. Xanax that is not fully dissolved can lead to blockages in blood vessels, causing stroke, heart attack and other problems. There is no upside to the idea of injecting Xanax, and it doesn’t even tend to create the powerful high most people are searching for.

how to inject xanax

If you still have side effects, your doctor may decrease your dose further. When injected into the bloodstream, it can quickly produce an extreme rush of energy, but this is only possible if the person abusing Xanax also abuses other drugs or alcohol. Xanax is designed to be taken orally and its effects will be felt over a period of time. This is a question that many people who suffer from anxiety ask. The answer is yes, you can inject xanax into muscle, but it is not recommended.

People misuse Xanax for the relatively quick relaxing high it can produce when taken in high doses. Even for people who don’t suffer from anxiety, Xanax can cause an increased sense of calm. Xanax helps to relax muscles, ease restlessness, and can even produce a feeling of euphoria. In addition to being one of the most commonly prescribed prescription medications in the U.S., Xanax is also one of the most commonly misused prescription medications. Those who are addicted to alprazolam may consider “shooting up” Xanax pills, which is another way to increase the intensity of the high. If you’re an adult ages 65 years and older, if you have decreased liver function, or if you take a drug called ritonavir, your doctor will prescribe a lower Xanax dosage.

Is Xanax used long term?

Despite being advertised as safer than barbiturates, Xanax is highly addictive, and those who develop a dependence on it may experiment with various doses and ways of using it. Today we’re looking into whether you can shoot Xanax as opposed to taking it orally and the side effects that can occur. In addition to these side effects, this method of Xanax abuse increases the rate of tolerance as well as the risk of addiction and overdose.

People who inject drugs, especially when they’re central nervous system depressants, are at a much higher risk of fatal respiratory depression and death. If you are injecting Xanax and mixing it with other central nervous depressants like alcohol or opioids, the Xanax overdose risks are exponentially higher. When you’re shooting up Xanax, you’re increasing your chances of overdosing. Xanax medicine is designed to be metabolized by the liver first, which reduces the amount of Xanax to the prescribed dosage. Injecting Xanax puts a significantly higher level of medicine directly into the bloodstream, which can lead to overdose.

Injecting xanax into muscle can cause muscle spasms, pain, and even damage to the muscle tissue. It is also important to note that xanax is a schedule IV controlled substance, so it is important to only use it as directed by a physician. If you inject Xanax into a vein, it will enter the bloodstream and quickly travel to the brain. Xanax is a central nervous system depressant, which means it will slow down the brain and body.

Xanax (alprazolam) is a benzodiazepine drug that is prescribed for the treatment of anxiety and panic disorders. First, always use clean, fresh needles and syringes, and never reuse or share them with anyone else. Second, make sure to carefully measure the correct dosage of xanax before injecting it, as taking too much can lead to dangerous side effects. Finally, always inject xanax into a muscle, not a vein or artery, to minimize the risk of serious complications. When someone is researching how to inject Xanax, they should also realize they’re displaying symptoms of someone suffering from substance use disorder. Even if you’re prescribed Xanax and want to get more of an effect from shooting it, this is misusing the drug.

Yes, injecting Xanax is one of the most dangerous forms of Xanax abuse. These long-term cases can easily develop into cirrhosis, liver cancer, and liver failure. If you inject Xanax directly into your bloodstream, you greatly increase your risk of Xanax overdose. Its slow-release delivery method is intended to work within your digestive system to prevent the drug from overloading your brain. Studies have found that a combination of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy is highly effective for managing and treating benzodiazepine dependence and addiction. If your Xanax use has crossed the line into addiction, there are many effective treatment options available.